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Obtaining clear insights into existing clients’ or future marketplaces’ preferences, attitudes and buying patterns is the single most strategic advantage when considering future business opportunities or organisational change. But all too often, the day-to-day “immediate” needs of the business demand our time at the expense of the developments that we need to achieve.
In response to this challenge, 380Global has created innovative market and customer survey solutions for clients, so that they can choose and adapt to their specific requirements, rather than “reinventing the wheel”.


Why Choose A Contact Center Solution?
There are several options for conducting a wide range of demographic research. A contact center driven solution will provide increased value compared with impersonal methods:
  • More Information - Standard questionnaires can be “abandoned” part way through if the respondent does not understand the meaning behind a question. Having another person not only provide clarity but also complete the form-filling results in more data being captured
  • Better Data - By building trust and rapport with the respondent, deeply held beliefs or opinions can surface, providing a more honest response. Coupled with telephone researchers who can spot the verbal signs when respondents are not being completely honest means you’re provided with a higher calibre of data than impersonal methods
  • Increased Conversion - by coupling research with special offers, respondents are more open to taking advantage of any incentives that are presented to them


Solutions created to date have included:
  • Customer Win-Backs - Updating lapsed customer records and presenting incentives for new purchases in order to win back a client to regular purchasing patterns
  • Client Insight Surveys - Using a pre-defined questionnaire to analyse clients’ perceptions of products and surveys. With both open and closed questions, clients have been surprised with both quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Interactive Intelligent Questioning (IIQ) - This innovative development analyses responses provided and changes the questions asked to provide a “fluid” questionnaire. This has been a popular choice for clients with a diverse demographic spread of clients or consumers where typical benchmarking studies are not relevant


By choosing 380Global, you can benefit from:
  • Experienced Agents - The agents handling your calls are experienced staff who are passionate about delivering the right results for our clients
  • Customer Care  - The culture of 380Global  reflects a true passion to serve clients. Our management team reflects this culture with staff acquisitions from senior Customer Relationship Management roles from some of the UK and USA’s leading companies
  • Advanced Analytics - Continual investment into technology ensures that your data can be interacted with and presented in innovative ways


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