Information Request Lines

Convert interest into new clients with intelligent information provision from 380Global.  Enquirers experience a professional response to their queries and requests for information packs and you benefit from in-depth analysis of enquiry sources, caller information (e.g. profiling) and most requested information.


Successful enquiry and information request management requires innovative solutions that provide you with the best possible conversions and added value. Choose from a range of options that suit your requirements:
  • Brochure/Information Request - Provide simple brochure or information pack request response. Capture media source, clean the data in real time and utilise postcode address look up to ensure address accuracy
  • PDF or Email Information Provision - Using either plain text or graphically rich branded emails with your campaign reply address, information can be sent to your enquirers during the call, with or without PDF attachments
  • Enquirer Profiling - By capturing certain demographic information, the correct services or products can be suggested to the enquirer, with the appropriate follow up arranged
  • Hot Prospects Escalated - Enquirers who meet specific criteria and enquiries during your office hours can be passed to your in-house staff for immediate conversion


380Global provides enquiry management for a wide range of market sectors. When you’re looking for a call handling partner we recognise that you’re looking for:
  • Capacity - the ability to handle communications intelligently, even during peaks in demand
  • Quality - delivering your brand values and quality to your customers or potential customers
  • Powerful Analytics - clear insights into overall performance, lead generation sources and the quality of the leads generated
  • Integration - integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure to ensure centralisation and management of your data


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