Data Solutions

A company’s database has arguably always been its most valuable asset. At 380Global, we help you to get the maximum possible return from your database, through detailed analysis and comprehensive development. This allows you to segment your database in such a way that you are always positioned to get the best response from your customers.


We can help you get the most from your data and turn it into useable, valuable, information. Services include:
  • Database Enhancement – working with your unfiltered data and understanding your data modelling needs, we will segment and refine your business database – increasing both the validity and the quality of the data stored there
  • Data Validation – dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness and reduce wasted spend
  • Database Building – increase your individual or organisation profiling and methods of future contact and engagement
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – we will work on your behalf to analyse and report on the perception your customers have of your business.
  • Customer Reactivation – if your customers have had a negative experience or have simply forgotten about you, then you still have the opportunity to win them back. Using tried and tested techniques, we will work with you to reintroduce your company, products and services to this potential revenue stream without the need to start from an entirely new base of clients


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